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Supply Chain & Procurement

To ensure an optimal supply chain, it is crucial to have teams by your side with international experience, a thorough knowledge of customs regulations and an in-depth understanding of global markets.

Supply chain professions require specific technical skills such as operations planning, stock management, transport coordination and mastery of logistics tools, including software management systems (SCM).

Our expert recruiters are supply chain specialists who know how to identify the best talent for the most sought-after positions: logistics managers, operations managers, logistics methods engineers, transport buyers, and many others.

Thanks to our extensive network of supply chain professionals, we can find the ideal candidates for your teams, whether they are permanent employees or freelancers/consultants. Every company is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions. We have the tools and expertise to identify the best talent, ensuring they have the right technical skills, the relevant experience and a perfect fit with your corporate values and culture.

Together, we'll build the future of your business by surrounding you with the best talent for your supply chain team.

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