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A Journey of Talent, Collaboration, and Innovation

The CAF success story isn’t just about groundbreaking projects and innovative technology; it’s about the talented individuals who make these achievements possible. Morgan,a remarkable HR at CAF, speaks in detail about this triumphant journey.

Turning Vision into Tangible Reality

Over the past several years, our fruitful partnership with Equans has evolved, notably through our collaboration with Patrick, an expert serving as an IT Project Manager, facilitated by our recruitment service. His pivotal mission involves overseeing large-scale IT operations across 43 airports globally.

Setting up a team for excellence

PPS positions itself as a key player in the realm of digital prepaid solutions for fintech companies in Europe. Its partnership with companies like Revolut and TransferWise attests to this leadership. PPS stands out notably for its pivotal role in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, critical issues where the company makes a significant contribution.

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