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Management team

Behind every successful business is a strong management team.

Stéphanie Reniers
Co-Founder / COO

Stephanie Reniers is a proactive entrepreneur with a talent for building lasting connections. As the co-founder and COO of Gentis, she's been pivotal in the company's success. Her effective approach to talent acquisition and relationship-building has been key to Gentis' achievements.

Farid El Machaoud
Co-Founder / Group CEO

Farid El Machaoud, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for recruitment and HR tech, co-founded Gentis and currently serves as the group's CEO. His tenure has been pivotal in shaping the company's success and fostering continuous growth.

Hassane Lhasnaoui
Co-Founder / CFO

Hassane Lhasnaoui is an accomplished CFO, adding a wealth of expertise as a vital executive team member at Gentis. With a proven track record in recruitment and a unique financial approach, he's been instrumental in establishing Gentis as a standout industry leader.

Joakim Demeure
Director Consulting division

Joakim Demeure is the dynamic Director of Gentis Contracting Europe, a division of Gentis that provides flexible and efficient staffing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With his extensive experience in talent acquisition and staffing, Joakim has played a vital role in the growth and success of the company.

As a dedicated and results-driven leader...

Vincent Artiges
Director Permanent division

Vincent Artiges is the Director of the Permanent division at Gentis. With his extensive experience in talent acquisition and leadership skills, Vincent has played a key role in helping the company build long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

As a dedicated leader, Vincent is passionate about finding the right permanent talent for...

Younes El Machaoud
Director Africa

As a natural problem solver, Younes is passionate about identifying and resolving operational challenges to ensure the smooth functioning of the company's operations in Africa. He is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions that enhance productivity and drive growth. With his exceptional organizational and strategic...

Maxime Tassier
Senior Manager of Montreal Office

Maxime Tassier embarked on a remarkable career journey, transitioning from the insurance sector to become a Junior Business Consultant at Gentis. With a strong determination and commitment to success, Maxime quickly excelled in his new role, earning eight promotions over the course of eight years. Today, he manages a team of 25 recruiters specializing in IT, Finance, HR, Risk, Legal & Compliance. 

Inne Veraart
Manager of Antwerp Office

Inne Veraart, a dynamic professional who serves as the Manager of our Antwerp office. With a remarkable journey at Gentis since October 2015, Inne has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.

Tan Alexis Nguyen
Manager of IT Consulting Teams in Belgium (Wallonia) and France

A pillar of our company whose journey at Gentis began in September 2018 as a Junior Business Consultant. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and the invaluable guidance of Stéphanie, Vincent, Maxime, and now Joakim, Tan-Alexis has risen to new heights, fueled by passion and dedication.

Malika Kheltent
Business Manager Middle East

Malika Kheltent is a driven and passionate professional in the field of 360 Recruitment & Client Development. She joined Gentis three years ago as a junior business consultant, specializing in IT infrastructure market contracting.

Christophe Meeus
Team Leader Engineering & Construction

Christophe Meeus is a specialist in executive search for construction and engineering profiles. With a genuine love for his job, he finds great joy in connecting with professionals and identifying the perfect match for their needs. Christophe's optimistic and determined spirit drives him to constantly seek performance and excellence.

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